Prepare for the CSWP-API Exam like a BOSS

Lucas Holmgren

The CSWP-API is the latest addition to the SOLIDWORKS catalog of certificates (If you discount the 3DExperience platform).

This exam tests your knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS API with VBA.

If you are green to programming and you have only dabbled with the VBA macro recorder, then I would highly suggest spending some time learn about the basics of the SOLIDWORKS API.

Here’s a list of useful resources to begin your learning journey:


  1. SolidProfessor – SolidProfessor has two great courses on the SOLIDWORKS API.
  2. SOLIDWORKS rolled out online API training material in 2019 – You need a subscription in order to access them 
  3. : The API/Macros section now called 3DSwym SOLIDWORKS User Forum:


  1. Codestack – Artem’s blog has some awesome articles about the API
  2. CADBooster – Peter writes some API focused articles from time to time. Great content.


  1. Mike Spens’s book 
  2. Luke Malpass’s book (Read below) 

Preparations Exams:
We have three preparation exams that will get you ready for the certification.

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