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xlBOM with thumbnails is a SOLIDWORKS add-in that exports SOLIDWORKS Bill of Materials with size customizable thumbnails to Excel.

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In 2019, SOLIDWORKS® introduced the feature to export BOMs with thumbnails to Excel. xlBOM with thumbnails extends this feature with more needed options and targets older versions of SOLIDWORKS® as early as 2014 x64.


Microsoft® Office Excel installation not required

xlBOM does not rely on the slow Microsoft® Office Excel Interop during export. Microsoft® Office Excel doesn’t have to be installed on your machine. Exported spreadsheets have the xlsx extension.

Custom sizable thumbnails:

Your thumbnails can range in size from 16×16 pixels all the way to 256×256 pixels.

Export thumbnails locally:

Thumbnails can be exported separately as Bitmap files and saved in the folder of the exported bill of materials.

Use your own BOM template:

You can use your Excel BOM template that has your company’s header.

Preserve styling SOLIDWORKS® BOM style:

xlBOM comes with the option to copy the exact font styles from SOLIDWORKS® in your export.

Blazing fast exports*:

xlBOM is able to process a large bill of materials of 138 parts in no more than 10 seconds (*with default settings).

Lifetime support:

Excellent support over our Slack by the actual developers.


For our customers, access the online documentation here. The resource will always reflect the latest version.

Still unsure?

Our Community edition is free and open-source. Go to Community Edition.

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2 reviews for xlBOM with thumbnails

  1. Shmuel

    Quick and easy to use. Improves my BOMs by adding thumbnails, although I use an old version of Solidworks (2014 )

  2. Peschel Maschinen und Apparatebau (verified owner)

    apart from the handling of graphics in excel, xxx is a very good tool for documentation of any kind

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