bbHierarchicalGrid – Hierarchical datagrid  for WPF and WinForms.

bbHierarchicalGrid – List of features

Sortable columns:

Users can sort data by clicking on column headers. You can make any property of your custom type sortable with the bbSortable attribute and bbHierarchicalGrid will take care of the rest through reflection.

public class customItem : bbItem
private DateTime modifiedDateTime;
public DateTime ModifiedDateTime
get { return modifiedDateTime; }
set { SetProperty(ref modifiedDateTime, value); }


All items on the grid can be checked and selected. bbHierarchicalGrid exposes events for when items are added or removed.

// returned items are only visible items
var cItems = bbViewModel.GetCheckedItems();
var sItems = bbViewModel.GetSelectedItems();

Searchable Data:

Let your users search their data via the search toolbar. You can hide this feature if it is not required.

// Hides the search toolbar
bbViewModel.SearchToolbarVisibility = false;

bbHierarchicalGrid lets you provide your own search implementation. Add your custom implementation via the SearchFunction property:

bbViewModel.SearchFunction = (T Item, string propName,
string searchStr){
var value = Item.GetType().GetProperty(propName)
.GetValue(Item, null).ToString();
if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(value))
return false;
return value.ToLower().Contains(searchStr

RTF languages support:

bbHierarchicalGrid supports both right-to-left and left-to-right flow direction. You can display data in languages such as Arabic and Hebrew elegantly.

var bbHierarchicalDataGridControl =
new bbHierarchicalGrid.bbHierarchicalDataGrid();
this.elementHost1.Child = bbHierarchicalDataGridControl;
bbHierarchicalDataGridControl.DataContext = viewModel;
// set flow direction from right to left
viewModel.FlowDirection =

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